Bruce Hardie

24th October 2009 (h’cap 16)

Bruce presented with an inconsistent ball strike.  Initially hitting the ball heavy and thin.

We see in the “before” frame below, the shaft is leaning away from the target. Indicating an early release on the downswing and the resulting bent left wrist at impact.

We worked on some compression drills to find our impact alignments and then worked on the magic of the right forearm.

In the “after” frame, we can see Bruce driving down to low point with good extension and the difference is noticeable, not only in technique but in ball flight.


Director of Golf & Coaching @ Rossdale Golf Club
Director of Golf & Coaching
Rossdale Golf Club
Aspendale, VIC. Australia

P: (03) 9580 4763

PGA Australia - Full Member since 2005
Callaway Golf - Brand Ambassador
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  1. Bruce says:

    I didn’t play my best today.

    I duffed one, putted poorly from the fringe and was generally pretty terrible from the tee…

    And shot the best score of my life.

    40-40 = 80 at Beacon Hills GC today. I used to think that 80 was some sort of mystical barrier that only good golfers could get under. Having gotten to that mark without doing anything special, in fact being quite scrappy at times, I think I can get my game down there easily thanks to the work Willow and I have done together.

    I’m excited about where we might get to.

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