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The short game makes up the majority of shots in our overall score. Learning to play at least 5 different shots around the green will give you the ability to get up and down from just about any situation.

Playing the most efficient shot when required, should yield the most consistent results. The following shots can be played with a 7 iron down to a 60 degree Lob Wedge. They will all just fly and roll different distances and have a different amount of backspin.

Firstly, learning the 5 shots in order will ensure we know how to impact the ball properly. A downward blow on the back of the ball ensures we compress the ball on the sweet spot of the clubface. Once that is achieved and then maintained for each of the shots, we should be able to perform all of the shots with consistency.

1. The Bump and Run Shot

A shot which flies low, carries less than 3 metres and has little backspin on the green is the most useful shot when close to the green’s edge. The ball carries the uneven ground and lands on the putting surface rolling.

The Set Up – With a narrow stance and the front foot turned out, the ball is positioned toward the rear of your stance. Your weight and hands forwards so the club is de-lofted. You should feel like your head, hands and weight are directly over your front foot.

The Swing – Maintaining the angle of your wrists and keeping your body and head nice and still, draw the club back and hit down on the back of the ball. The hands always stay well ahead of the clubhead. It will not require much power to get the ball rolling all the way to the pin.


When to use – When you are within 3 metres of green’s edge when there is a fair distance between you and the hole. If putting from off the green the ball can be affected by the longer grass and uneven ground so hitting a low shot which lands just on the green and then rolls, can be much more effective.

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  2. Ian Sinclair says:

    This is a great site full of very useful information, “The Bump and Run” I know it so well, having played golf for 3 years in Cyprus in the 1980’s, this is an essential shot to master due to the conditions, not much grass around and the greens are called “Brown’s” made up of a mixture of sand and oil which may sound a bit strange, but after a while you get used to it.
    Keep up the great work

  3. Whewawayday says:

    Premium post, great looking blog, added it to my favorites!

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