Steve Hansen

Wednesday 11th November 2009 (H’cap 25)

Steve had been working with a golf coach for some time but had not improved much.  He presented to his initial lesson and displayed a very good tempo and rhythm but lacked in his impact alignments as demonstrated in the before frame. His ball flight was high and Steve noted that once he got past his 6 iron he failed to gain much more distance relative to his shorter irons.  His poor ball strike was a fat or thin shot consistent with a bent left wrist at impact.

After explaining the basic science of the golf swing Steve then went about making a downward strike on the ball.  We noticed a big difference in ball flight with a lower trajectory and a more consistent ball strike.  Steve noted the different sound and feel that there now was at impact.  We confirmed better impact alignments had “magically” occurred after viewing the before and after video footage.  His head is now in the middle of his feet, achieving better balance.


So to quote Steve… “I have to try and put as much FIZZ on the ball as possible” meaning he now has to hit down firm on the back of the ball to create much more backspin.

Steve walked away from the lesson armed with better information to go away and practice the right thing to improve his golf.

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  1. Steve Hansen says:

    Hi all,

    I have been working with David for approx 2 months, mainly focusing on my short game, as my long game whilst not great is quite serviceable.

    My ambition in golf for a very long time has been to break 90, and I am very pleased to say that it has finally occurred with a score of 88.

    Last week after taking 41 putts & 43 putts a couple of weeks before that, I said to David, lets spend our time putting, and David gave myself a new putting routine and fixing up my stroke.

    I now focus tempo and putting a good “straight back & through” putting stroke on the ball and I have placed a line on the golf ball to assist alignment.

    Rather than worrying the end result, I today just focused on aiming the line on the ball at my target and building my putt around this with a consistent tempo.

    I went from 8 “3 putts” last week to only having 2 today, with myself 3 putting the 18th which I put down to nerves as my goal was within reach.

    End story is 33 putts and a very excited golfer for I have spent the last 15 years shooting in the 90’s without ever going under.

    The best thing about today is that I did not actually chip very well and I know that what I have been working on with David, and executing in practise would have saved off another 5-7 shots as I only made two up and downs out 13 attempts and missed some quite easy up & downs at that.

    With the continued help of David I can see myself getting down to the low eighties in no time.

    So I can throughly & strongly reccomend David not as a golfing teacher but a golfing partner in your development.

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