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This is a place for students to post their results.

Good or bad it doesn’t matter. I’m always keen to know how my students are going. If it’s a bad round then we might be able to offer tips or discuss what went wrong.

So please post your results in here by leaving comments.

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17 Responses so far.

  1. Willow says:

    G’day Lyn,

    Thank you for the kind words once again… I am so glad you found benefit in my video and some of the information I emailed. It is heartwarming to know you have gained a positive result from internet based instruction that I have provided.

    Keep up the commitment you show towards your golf improvement and enjoyment.


    P.S… Your parcel is en route from Melbourne, Australia to California, USA as we speak. Fingers crossed it arrives soon.

  2. lyn n says:

    Willow can successfully instruct an older female on an international basis – Victoria to California. So why not give him a chance locally in Australia – you will be more than satisfied! Here is why …….

    About a month ago, I came across David’s chipping/pitching video that I have since studied relentlessly. That, combined with his subsequent ‘long distance aid – 6869 miles to be exact’ in the form of e-mails, web articles, student videos, patience and encouragement, I have improved beyond anything that I may have thought possible from face-to-face local pros.

    I am an individual who is not a ‘rote’ student and also one who prefers to plod along at my own pace. But yesterday, after months and hours of solitary confinement in practice sessions resulting in self-inflicted depression and caustic comments from observers, my ‘light bulb moment’ arrived. It seemed that suddenly and what seemed an automatic reflex, I resolved my collection of problems – arms, hands, feet, ball and shaft positioning.

    Thank you so much David.

  3. Willow says:

    Well done Bruce…

    Student results is the rewarding part of my job.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. Bruce says:

    Have been working hard with Willow lately on my alignment. Such a basic thing but one I have been struggling with for a long time.

    Took a new routine on the road and I think I may finally be lining myself up correctly. Played at Corrowa, Tocumwal and Cobram over the long weekend and shot 81, 81 and 83. Which is a good result for me on my 15 handicap under the new system. I also beat my Dad off the stick for the first time ever.

  5. Willow says:

    Trainee Professional and Willow Golf Student, Matthew Buff played in a trainee event at Settlers Run today.

    He shot 66 (-6) and won the event. It is his first win as a Trainee Professional.

    After shooting 29 (-7) on the front nine with only 9 putts, Matt struggled a little more on the back shooting 37 (+1)

    Congratulations Matt on a top effort and we’ll keep working hard on all aspects of your game.

  6. Willow says:

    Update for student Les Harrison,

    After having a check up last week Les played in the Club Competition at Lang Lang yesterday.

    Off a Handicap of 17 he shot an amazing 45 points playing Stableford.

    That is a 78 off the stick (8 over par) and his best score ever.

    Well done Les, good shootin Tex.

  7. Bruce says:

    Shot 80 today at Waterford Valley.

    8 x fairways
    12 x GIRs
    3 x birdies
    2 x triples
    35 putts
    1 chip in

    3 out of 4 NTPs in a small field.

    Willow gave me a tip this week on keeping a bit of outward tension in my thighs which improved my stability and had me hitting my irons like lasers. I’m a happy boy tonight.

  8. Willow says:

    I received a text message from student Les Harrison.

    Les started with me some 3 years ago… His handicap was 28.

    Last Saturday playing off a handicap of 17 he played in the Lang Lang club comp and shot an 80 off the stick. That’s a 9 over par beating his handicap by 8 shots.

    Well done Les and keep up the fantastic work.

  9. Kevin Nolan says:

    I’ve taken my own advice and dedicated myself to some lessons and some practise.

    With Willow ‘COMPLETELY’ changing my swing path in an endeavour to get from 13 to 8 I had a couple of very average rounds. The difference was, Willow told me what my bad shot should be so even though I was battling I knew I was on the right track.

    My last two rounds have been 37 points (85)and 39 points (82), I’ve taken 1.2 shots off my H’cap and I can honestly say these scores are the worst possible scores I could have had on the day.

    I now know that 85% of my shots are going to go within 90% of the area I’m aiming and I’ve hit some of the purest shots I can remember hitting.

    The confidence you gain by knowing you’re not going to hit it sideways also helps you score better and enjoy the game.

    The biggest compliment came from a playing partner who said, as he gave me $10, “Your swing looks so much better than it did a few weeks ago”

  10. Steve Hansen says:

    Hi all,

    Here is a further update, as I mentioned previously, I have been very focused on my short game improvement, with David helping to improve my chipping & putting techniques.

    Yesterday I shot 90 off the stick, whilst not as good as my recent 88, I actually felt better alot better about the result,

    For I have an off day with the irons ( this will the next area I tackle with David) and I hit several fat shots & only hit one GIR for the entire day (normally I average between 5 & 8 GIR).

    In the past I would have had a big blow out for the day and proberly struggled to break 100, however the hard work with the short game actually paid dividends & I had 6 up & downs and another 4 four very near misses(I left all four putts 25 cm short from under 5 foot).

    I also chipped in from 25 meters once.

    The best part of all was despite the near misses I actually had 26 putts for the entire day, which is 10-15 shots better than what I used to average whch was around 40 putts.

    If I had of had my normal iron game, I could have easily shot in the low eighties, and with a good day with the irons perhaps the 70’s would have been in danger.

    All in all, I am very happy with what I have worked on with David so far,for I feel we have only scratched the surface & I am really excited about my golfing future.



  11. Les Harrison says:

    After discussing with David what was going on with my swing at impact, we ventured down to the practice area, where David corrected my swing with sensational results. I achieved a lower ball flight and a right to left draw, which, I was not able to previously achieve.
    It has now given me the confidence to correctly hit down on the back of the ball and control my ball flight.

  12. Willow says:

    Great news from student Steve Hansen. After trying to break 90 for the past 15 years he shot 88 yesterday.

    6 weeks and 3 lessons and what a difference. Just the tip of the iceberg I feel.

    Great news coming in from Bruce Hardie too after today’s round but I will leave it to him to tell the story… don’t want to steal his thunder.


  13. Bruce says:

    So many golf magazines have the tip Make sure you’ve got enough club. This can be terrible advice when you mistakenly pull a 4I instead of a 7I. Ended up making a triple

    But otherwise had another solid round of 84 (current hcp = 16)

    Got a bit carried away with my score and made foolish doubles on 16 and 17 as well.

    I am really enjoying the process of improvement with Willow as well as the actual results. Like the motto says at the top of the page I am genuinely living to play better golf right now.

  14. Kevin says:

    My swing had gone south recently (went from 9.6 to 13!) and had a lesson with Willow.

    He now has me hitting a much more consistent ball flight, the draw is back and I’m not hitting it nearly as high. If I could find time for more lessons and practice, I’m sure I would be dropping shots off my handicap again.

    I would encourage anyone wanting to improve or simply get more enjoyment from their weekly game to book a lesson with Willow.

  15. Chris Broom says:

    David is the best coach I have ever been to.

    I had my first lesson with him last Thursday and worked on becoming more aware of what my clubface was doing in my swing.

    I played on Saturday morning and beat my 14 handicap by 3 shots.

    I then played in the 9 hole under 15 club championships on Saturday afternoon and bogeyed the last hole to shoot 1 over.

    It was my best ever 9 hole score. I am pumped.

  16. Dylan says:

    After meeting Dave down the fairway and implementing a more downward and out downswing I went and played in the Saturday comp. Whilst I played a couple worse than my handicap I played 4 really nice wedge shots from 60-100m which were really crisp, low and stopped on the spot. I had never hit wedges like that and my mate couldn’t believe the spin I was getting with a low ball flight. I have hit a few hooks and some off the heel but I’m sure with some lessons and practice I will become more consistent.

    Good Golfing


  17. Bruce says:

    I guess I will go first here having just come back from the championships in Qld.

    4 rounds over 4 days (2 competition and 2 ‘social’)

    Overall my play was still a bit up and down. Made lots of pars and made a birdie in every round – but let myself down with a few too many doubles. I am still finding where the bottom of the swing is after my last session with Willow and so chunked a few.

    The Good:
    Chipping and pitching. If I had a good lie I was deadly from 100m in setting up the birdies and pars. A chip in and some simple up and downs. I was the envy of my playing partners.
    I also set my best ever score for 9 holes on the 4th day with 38 off the stick at Redcliffe (see Bad)

    The Bad:
    Not playing out a full 18 holes successfully. I wilted badly in the Queensland heat and got very ragged. I threw away what could have been a great round at Redcliffe as I dissolved into a sweaty mess. I had poor stretches on all 4 days.

    Other thoughts:
    I’m not too disappointed with hitting a few chunks over the weekend as I work on making “down and out” my mantra. Too much down is better than not enough for the moment.

    I was also pleased to diagnose and resolve a problem I was having hitting driver off the heel. I was getting slouchy and tired and concentrating on my posture had me back middling the ball again.

    Shooting pars or better for half the round – I really feel like I’m on the edge of a quantum leap in my golf game. A bit more work with David and some more practice to solidify this work and I can easily see myself completing my next golfing goals.

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