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There will be a time when you reach your nemesis hole every round…  For some it might be a hole with water on it or a bunker they just can’t seem to avoid.


It’s not actually the hole beating you… it’s your approach to the hole which is beating you.Willow Driver 01

Once you have hit it in trouble a few times you start standing on the hole thinking you are just going to hit it in trouble again.  I have been there in a past and this is how I overcame it.

First up, make sure you are hitting the correct club off the tee.  Hitting a driver on the hole when the fairway might be the narrowest at that distance or there might be a hazard around that distance will set you up for failure.  Hit a club that will get you into the widest and safest part of the fairway.

When you walk onto the tee, you need to acknowledge that the trouble is there.  Trying to ignore it or put it out of your mind is just like saying “Don’t hit it in there”, you always end up doing what you don’t want to do.

Turn your mind into a positive frame of mind… once you have sighted where the trouble is, pick a target in the distance or spot on the fairway or green and focus on it.  Stare at it for a second or two and think, “This is where I need to aim to hit my ball”.

Address your ball with the aim to positively hit your ball to your good target.

If you think negative you will play negative…  Think positive so you play positive.

It may take a couple of times to overcome the negative thinking when you get to your nemesis hole but like the golf technique, the mental side of golf can be trained through mental strategies.

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