The Truth About Golf (Part 2)

In Part 1 we discussed the need to hit down on the ball according to Science and the Geometry of the Circle.  This was the Vertical axis of the Incline Plane.

In this part we will discuss the Horizontal axis of the Incline Plane.  As we swing, the club moves up on the backswing.  The club also swings back behind us as well.

The picture below demonstrates the Geometry of the Circle but now from the Golfers Perspective or Overhead view.

Clubhead Delivery Path

The lowpoint is still located directly out from the golfers target side shoulder.  The line the ball sits on is now the Target Line,  the imaginery line which extends from the target and infinitely through the ball.

As we take the club away from the ball it does not stay on the target line but it moves back and up away from it.  It moves inside the target line.  On the downswing our aim is to drive the club back down this inside line to the Low Point of the swing.  The line the clubhead approaches the ball from is the Clubhead Delivery Path.

So if we are driving the clubhead OUT to low point then why doesn’t the ball go straight out and not towards the target?

The golf ball will always leave the CLUBFACE at 90 degrees.   The CLUBFACE needs to be slightly open to the target and with the CLUBHEAD path directed OUT to LOW POINT the ball will draw back to the target.

Once the Student fully understands how the club moves around the body on the Incline Plane and the relationship with the CLUBFACE the golfer can start to better understand the shots they hit.

Where does the ball initially start?  What is the divots direction compared to the target? What curvature does the ball have?

From this we can understand the relationship between the clubs path through impact and the direction of the face.  This will give the golfer clues as to what they have done during their swing to cause the shots they hit.

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