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So now that we have ticked over into 2010, what goals are you setting to achieve this year with your golf?  I’d like students to post here their 2010 goals and we’ll check back and see how we’ve all done.

So is your goal to reduce your handicap by 5 shots this year?  Just setting a goal like that is useless unless you understand what is fully required to get there.  Writing a list of things you need to do to achieve your ultimate goal will assist you in understanding how you are going to reach it.

There are a couple of rules when setting goals.  Make sure they are measurable, achievable and realistic.   Keeping statistics will help measure any improvement in your goals so I strongly advise all my students to keep some statistics.  Please contact me for guidance on what statistics you can keep that will help.

This is an example and I’d like you to make goals personal and achievable by you..

Ultimate Goal: To reduce handicap by 5 shots before the end of 2010

Intermediate Goals:

  • Increase the percentage of 6 foot putts holed.
  • Increase the percentage of Fairways hit in regulation.
  • Increase the percentage of Up and Downs within 20m of the green.
  • Increase the percentage of Greens hit in regulation

So now lets also break down what is required to achieve your Intermediate Goals.  Lets look at putting for instance.

Intermediate Goal: Increase the percentage of 6 foot putts holed

Tasks: Improve technique through lessons, Practice drill putting inside 6 foot for at least 1 hour per week.

So as you can see that part of achieving your overall goal will require a commitment to ensure your technique and approach to putting is sound and then spend only 1 hour per week completing putting drills.  Now you have a plan in place to ensure you reach your goal.

If at anytime throughout the year you recognise that one or two Intermediate Goals aren’t being met then we can re-assess and identify how to reach them.

Keeping some form of statistics on your game, will help identify the areas most in need of attention.  While you may think your putting is causing your bad scores, keeping statistics may actually show that you are constantly chipping the ball too far from the hole causing you not to hole putts.  So working on your chipping and not your putting may actually improve you putting statistics :)

Posting your Goals in this thread will also make you accountable and will help motivate you to stick to the tasks required to meet your Intermediate Goals and then your Ultimate Goal.

So fire away guys and girls…  Give it a go… we can always re-assess or reset your goals as required so you have nothing to lose.  I want to assist all my students with their goals on the golf course and help you all reach them in 2010.



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4 Responses so far.

  1. Kevin Nolan says:

    Get into single figures and then be a single figure handicapper.

    9 is the minimum, to play off 8 is the goal

  2. Bruce says:

    Short term goal is break 80 – the medium term goal is to do it 3 times in a row. Long, long, long term – shoot even par at The Old Course.

    To get there:
    Find a way to incorporate more warmup before each round. I am starting too slowly and burning a few shots on the opening 3 holes.
    Hit more fairways. I am converting a hit fairway into a GIR at least half the time so I need to be better off the tee.
    Keep increasing greens hit.
    Keep improving up and down %
    Keep enjoying the process of improvement.

  3. Steve Hansen says:

    Hi Willow,

    My long term goal is to break 80, my handicap goal is 12 (currently 20), ultimately I would like to get to single figures.

    At present (using golflink stats)

    Driving 70% fairways – strength

    GIR 4 per round – weakness

    Up & Downs 15% – weakness.

    Sand Saves – up down in 3 say 95% up & down in 2 say 20% – acceptable but the high bunker shot is my weakness – ( I can’t hit it)

    Putting – around 35 putts ave – weakness.

    To achieve my goals I plan to

    have min of one lesson per month

    have min of two practise sessions per week.

    plan of attack is

    short game first ( currently WIP with yourself)

    then irons

    then woods

    -short game is improving but I still duff the odd chip under pressure. putts are improving with routine.

    – my short irons 8,9 W are normally reasonable, my mid to long irons are very inconsistent

    -driver carries approx 200 – 210m on flat ground, which is acceptable, but it makes all par 5’s play as par 5’s as my 3 wood goes approx 180m to 200m only

    -if can remove the triple bogeys that cause my score to blow out on 1-2 occassions per round on ave & convert 50% of my up & down opportunities with say 30 putts I feel that I will be well on the way to breaking 80.

    Regards Steve

  4. Brendan Clarke says:

    My goal this year is definately to lower my handicap by 5 shots as a minimum. Currently my handicap is 18.
    I will take on board the advice about practicing 6 foot putts 1 hour a week, and just try and improve the weakest part of my game which is my driving.
    Currently I am reasonably happy with my chipping, putting and iron play as it has improved after several lessons. However there is still obvouisly room for improvement, but like I explained above driving is my first priority.

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