Score better in the Wet

So you’ve practiced each night after work all week and you are SO looking forwards to the weekend when you get to actually play. Alas… it’s raining!! So what do you do to cope with the wet weather out on the course? The following is a checklist of things you should have and do if you intend playing your best in the rain.

WET WEATHER SUIT – Get yourself a good wet weather suit. I believe it is worth spending a bit more in this department as staying dry even on the wettest days will you cope with the weather.

WATERPROOF SHOES – Shoes getting old and letting the water in? Also make sure your spikes aren’t ecxcessively worn, the ground will be soft and damp increasing the risk of slipping. Again, your comfort on the course should be your major concern here. After all, it is a recreational activity for 99% of us so you want to enjoy it.

UMBRELLA – A tour sized wind buster umbrella is essential here… Being able to hold a big umbrella in the wind and rain whilst keeping yourself and equipment dry can be challenging but there are products on the market which can make it easier… the umbrella’s with double canopies and umbrella holders that fit on your buggy can make life so much easier.

BAG – A waterproof protective bag cover that covers your entire bag is the best thing in keeping all of your equipment dry. At worst a cover to seal the top of your bag will help a little but golf bags themselves aren’t waterproof so a full cover would be ideal.

TOWELS – There is nothing worse that your grips or hands becoming wet and having nothing dry to wipe them on. Don’t just carry one towel, carry a few. Keeping them in a plastic bag will help keep them dry until you need to pull one out to dry off.

GLOVES – Same as the towels, carry a few gloves and store them in a plastic bag to help keep them dry.

GRIPS – Firstly, make sure your grips aren’t excessively worn or slippery. When a normal grip gets wet it goes slimy with all the grime and grease that has built up in them since they were last washed. Regular washing of grips with warm soapy water will help eradicate the grime build up in the grips. There are grips on the market which perform better in the wet so ask your local pro which might be the best to suit you.

CLUBS– From past experience, I have noticed that your grips will become wet just being in the golf bag on a wet day. I find the water on the shaft etc when put back into the bag will then find its way to the bottom of the bag wetting all the grips. I quick wipe of the club head, shaft and then grip as it’s going into the bag will reduce the chance of infecting all your clubs with H2O.

Mother Nature usually doesn’t listen to your cursing to stop raining so if you can turn a negative into a positive you will improve your scoring.  Treat playing in the rain as a challenge not as a hindrance.  Allow the rest of the field to get annoyed with the weather and go about your business professionally no matter what your handicap… Just don’t include the weather in your handicap.

With rain and heavier air the ball probably won’t travel as far. Low shots will skid and not hold the greens, High shots might now spin more on softer greens. Bunkers will compact with the wetter sand requiring a more aggressive attack into the sand and greens may become slower with the surface water. Think about the weather conditions when selecting the required shot and clubs.

I love playing in the rain as it makes for a different kind of challenge and this is why I love golf.  THE CHALLENGE!!

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