Pitch it Closer

After reading the Chip and Run article HERE… we can then progress from a chip shot into a pitch shot

The Pitch shot has a mid-trajectory flight while having a moderate amount of backspin when it hits the green.

The Set Up – The stance is now a little wider than the chip shot as it is a bigger swing and the front foot is still turned out, the ball is positioned toward the middle of your stance. The weight and hands forwards a little to ensure a downward hit on the back of the ball.

The Swing – Instead of maintaining the angle of your wrists like the chip shot, now you need to cock and roll the wrists so the clubhead travels a little further around the swing arc.  Still keeping your body and head nice and still, hit down on the back of the ball.  As the wrists uncock through impact you will impart more backspin on the ball as long as you hit down.   The result will be a flighted shot with spin.

The Pitch Shot

When to use – With a lofted club, you can use this with a small swing from close range to produce a shot which checks up or from further out with a bigger swing to achieve some distance which will also check up.  This shot can range anywhere from a couple of metres from the edge of the green to 50 or 60 metres.

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