5 Shots Around The Green

I recently had an article published in the Inside Golf 2010 Digital Instruction Guide. (Click to view)

I originally wrote the article to help golfers improve by explaining some cause and effect.  For example, how ball position will affect trajectory or how the length of swing and how we use our wrists will affect distance.

During a short game lesson, I start by teaching the student shot #1 and we work our way through a few different shots.  The key for the golfer is to maintain a good impact on the golf ball for all the shots.  Learning about different shots will give the golfer the knowledge to take away and practice mastering their short game.

The 5 shots mentioned in the article aren’t the only shots a golfer should know how to play, however, treating them as a starting point, will then lead to a greater understanding of cause and effect.  This will unlock the secrets to hitting a number of different shots to help you handle any situation you find yourself in around the greens.

Feel free to post comments to ask questions or give me your thoughts on the article.

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