Luke Whitworth Swing Plane

Luke has been steadily improving his technique and handicap but it wasn’t until a recent lesson that we made a huge breakthrough in regards to his technique.  Luke is now delivering the clubhead into the ball from the inside, attacking the inside quadrant of the ball.  You’ll notice one of the differences in the before and after is the right shoulder.

In the before it is way above the yellow swing plane line but in the after video it is a lot lower and on the blue swing plane line which is more desirable.  This allows the right arm to be straightening through impact and becoming straight well after impact at follow through.

Why is a bent right elbow important at impact?

The right elbow bends in the backswing which stores power (much like a boxer getting ready to throw a punch.)  Now, if the boxer then extends the arm to punch an impact bag, and his elbow is straight either before or at the moment of impact, how much power is left?  NONE!!!  His fist is decelerating to the speed of his shoulder rotation.

It’s the same in a golf swing… The right elbow should straighten after impact so it is accelerating the club through impact.  Both arms should be straight when the clubhead is at least a foot or two after impacting the ball.  Follow Through is when both arms become straight.

So ideally, the right shoulder drives down the plane line from the top of the swing.  This then allows the right forearm to be more in line with the club shaft through impact.  This will help ensure the club stays on plane.  The right elbow will also now be bent at impact but straightening to follow through which will supply more power.


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