Impact must be your FIRST consideration

If you master how to achieve the correct impact alignments, then you will start to have control over the balls flight.

Consistent ball striking doesn’t happen by accident.  Anyone can learn to make a consistent strike on the ball… It is first achieved by learning the correct impact alignments in a chip shot, then the golfer can start to lengthen the swing arc while maintaining the correct impact on the ball.

The Truth About Golf – Part 1
Explains how golf equipment is designed to work and what you should be trying to achieve at impact.

The Truth About Golf – Part 2
Explains the swing from the golfers perspective and how you should attack the ball.

Here is a video of some Willow Golf students Before and After learning about impact.  It’s interesting to note in the stills of the follow through that the ball is lower and further in the after frame than that of the before frame.  Lower, faster and with more spin = more distance

  • Do you lead into impact with your hands first or club head first?
    You should be leading with your hands
  • Are your hands ahead or behind the ball at impact?
    Your hands should be ahead of the ball at impact
  • Do you make a downward strike on the ball and take a divot on the fairway?
    You need to hit down to impart backspin on the ball to achieve a stable ball flight
  • Do you hit the ball very high and lack distance?
    This can be a result of adding too much loft to the club and not hitting down on the ball
  • Can you hit a short iron and spin it on the green?
    If not then you aren’t imparting enough backspin on the ball.

Stop and think about your golf… How do YOU impact the ball?

The Master, CHUCK EVANS Demonstrates Impact


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