Improve Your Driving

Do you stand on the tee with driver in hand and hope to hit the fairway?

Driving seems to be most of my students main concern and the recent poll on this site saw 29.17% of responses say that driving was the worst part of their game.  Irons came in 2nd at 18%.  Click HERE to see the results

Having the ball in play with your tee shots sets you up for the rest of the hole so let’s look some things to improve your driving.

Focus on a definite target, not just somewhere down there!!
Aiming for a particular target when driving and not just the fairway in general will assist you in focusing on hitting the ball to a target.  If your target is the width of the fairway and you happen to miss your target, you are destined to finish in the rough or trees.  By narrowing your focus to a single point you can still miss your target but still a big chance to still finish on the fairway and in play.

Is driver the correct club choice for the hole?
The pro’s don’t hit driver every hole as their main focus is not length from the tee.  Ensuring the ball is in play will set you up for the rest of the hole.

Things to consider when choosing the club to tee off with on a particular hole:

  • Width of Fairway – Is the fairway wider where your 3 wood or hybrid lands? Then ask yourself if you would increase your chances of hitting the fairway by using something other than a driver.
  • Hazards – Are there fairway bunkers or water to contend with?  Aim to land short or hit over hazards rather than trying to miss them left or right.  Taking the hazard out of play will ensure you wont waste shots by going in them.
  • Dogleg run out – If the hole is doglegged and you can potentially hit the ball through the fairway, consider choosing a club to get you the correct distance to the dogleg.
  • Poor Form – How are you hitting your driver?  No use flogging a dead horse!!  If you are not having a bad day with your driver then consider going back to your fairway woods to get the ball into play.

Are you trying to out drive your partners?
Everyone has a handicap for a reason.  We are all different standards with different abilities and hit the ball different distances, so play your own game every hole and try not to be influenced by someone you are playing with.

Have a lesson
Having a golf professional give you advice to improve your technique, mindset and checking that your driver is right for you will help answer a lot of the questions about why you may be struggling with your driving.

David Williams
Teaching Professional – Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links
Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia

AAA Rated PGA Professional
Master Instructor – Medicus Golf Institute

Director of Golf & Coaching @ Rossdale Golf Club
Director of Golf & Coaching
Rossdale Golf Club
Aspendale, VIC. Australia

P: (03) 9580 4763

PGA Australia - Full Member since 2005
Callaway Golf - Brand Ambassador
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