Have You Had Your Lie Angles Checked Lately?

Having the correct lie angle on your clubs helps ensure the club isn’t causing or contributing to your bad shots.

How does the lie angle of my golf club cause bad shots I hear you ask?


Testing for lie angles MUST be done dynamically (when impacting a golf ball).  A fitter will get the golfer to hit shots off a lie board to check the angles and then work out what that angle should be if it’s not correct.  There will not be a golf professional on tour who does not have the correct lie angles.

Club bought off the shelf all come out at a standardized angle which will only suit  around 10- 15% of the golfing population.  Have you had your clubs fitted or lie angles checked lately?

Get them checked to ensure your clubs aren’t contributing to your bad shots!!!

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David Williams
AAA Rated – PGA Teaching Professional
Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links
Upper Beaconsfield, Melbourne, Australia

Director of Golf & Coaching @ Rossdale Golf Club
Director of Golf & Coaching
Rossdale Golf Club
Aspendale, VIC. Australia

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  1. Willow says:

    Interested as to who knows what their club specs are?

    My clubs are:
    3 degrees upright & 1/2″ over std which makes the effective lie angle 4 degrees upright.

    This is based on my height, hand to ground measurement, posture and how I release the club into the ball.

    The toe of my club sits off the ground at address as I start at a different angle to where I impact the ball at.

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