Distance Control Drill for Putting

Having good distance control is vital for consistent putting.  When a golfer hits a bad putt that finishes more than a metre from the hole, the majority of the time it will be caused by the distance the ball travels and not the direction.  When faced with a breaking putt, distance control becomes even more crucial as it will affect how much the putt breaks as well.

The Ladder Drill will help you to gain a good feel for distance which will help you get your longer putts closer to the hole.


  • Set up 2 tees or coins on the green roughly 2 putter lengths apart.
  • Start from 2 putter lengths away
  • Get 5 golf balls in a row to finish in between the 2 tees
  • The trick is to make each putt finish a little further than the last and still in between the tees.

Putting Ladder Drill

Once you can get 5 putts to finish progressively further in the target area then move back another putter length.  If a ball finishes outside the target area or out of sequence then start over.

You can set yourself a distance goal or time frame to complete a certain goal.  You can also practice this in a carpeted hallway at home or in the office.

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