One Shot Away From Success

I gave a very satisfying golf lesson on the range today and felt compelled to share.

Harry came for his first lesson today after recently attending some lessons elsewhere.  He mentioned that the previous pro suggested he cock his wrists more on the backswing, but  was concerned this lead him to have less control in direction even though he knew he was losing some distance.

I took a video of his swing and the lack of wrist cock on the backswing was evident but not a concern.  I was more interested in how Harry was attempting to strike the ball to get it in the air.  Harry was trying to increase his loft and get under the ball to get it in the air.  This lead to striking the ground behind the ball and thin shots.

After showing Harry that his shaft was leaning away from the target at impact and that he wasn’t maintaining a Flat Left Wrist we talked about hitting down on the golf ball to impart backspin.  That information is located is the post THE TRUTH ABOUT GOLF – PART 1

Once Harry had a clear understanding of how he could efficiently strike the golf ball, I started filming and captured his very first shot armed with this information.  Below is the FIRST swing I captured… and the SECOND swing I captured.  These are consecutive shots filmed about 5 minutes a part with a little knowledge gained in between.

Believe it or not, we only discussed his need to hit down on the ball to impart backspin but he then cocked his wrist more on the backswing (against his initial concern in doing so), achieved much more lag on the downswing,  achieved a flat left wrist and had his weight more forward at impact.

The resulting ball flight was a little lower and more penetrating, hung in the air longer and went considerably further in comparison.

I am never surprised when a student improves their swing when given the correct information instead of simply being told what to do, but, Harry’s swing improved in so many areas with him only trying to accomplish one thing in the swing.  Hitting down on the ball to impart backspin.

A very satisfying result for both coach and student…

Kindest Regards

David Williams
AAA Rated – PGA Teaching Professional
Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links
Upper Beaconsfield, Melbourne, Australia

David is also a Master Instructor with the Medicus Golf Institute

Director of Golf & Coaching @ Rossdale Golf Club
Director of Golf & Coaching
Rossdale Golf Club
Aspendale, VIC. Australia

P: (03) 9580 4763

PGA Australia - Full Member since 2005
Callaway Golf - Brand Ambassador
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