Swing Plane Improvement

Student Brian Head works on his swing plane.  He has been hitting the ball very inconsistently lately and his shots can go a long way left OR right.

Brian Head Swing Plane


  • Steep at the top
  • Outside Plane on the downswing
  • Outside to inside club head path through impact
  • Clubface not rotating enough
  • Left elbow not rotating into follow through

We observe his before swing as very steep at the top and then outside the plane on the downswing.  This caused his club head path to be from outside to inside and relied on him to time his club face direction perfectly through impact to hit the ball somewhere straight.  When he didn’t time his club face direction the results were quite erratic.


To improve his swing, he made a few baseball swings while standing up straight.  This helped him feel like he was flattening out his swing while rotating the club face more on the backswing and follow through.  The results were quite dramatic in how he felt, how the swing looked and more importantly how the ball flew.


  • Turned Shoulder Plane at top
  • Clubhead On Plane on the downswing
  • Slightly inside to out clubhead path
  • Perfect clubface rotation onto shaft plane
  • Left elbow rotating into follow through

The after swing is now on a turned shoulder plane (hands inline with trailing shoulder) at the top of the swing and not way above it.  The downswing sees the clubhead coming from inside the ball and not outside the ball.  The follow through sees the left elbow rotating more and not sticking out.

His shots started going much more consistently straighter with the ball dispersion improving.  The ball was finishing only 5m – 10m left or right of the target and not 20m – 30m with the improvements.

HERE is why the clubhead needs to come from the inside of the ball into impact.

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