Chipping Practice to Improve Skills

Practicing your chipping can easily be done at home. Once you have improved your technique, you will then want to hone your skills.

Here are a couple of useful links to improve your technique:

There are a few useful items at home you can use to help with your skills improvement.  You are only limited by your imagination to set up some challenges to do at home to improve your chipping.  Here I use a hula hoop, washing basket, bag and guard hooping.  You can also place a towel on the ground or stand an old car tire up and chip through the middle.

Here I have set up a few challenges for my clinic to try and accomplish after learning the correct technique.  This will help the golfer feel distance control.  Once a golfer can land the ball in the correct spot with some consistency then they only have to decide where to land a chip or what club to use.

Challenge yourself to improve your chipping

Here is a short video of my juniors doing their hoop challenge.

How many shots out of 10 would you be able to do?

One of the worlds best players, Rory McIlroy appears here at age 9 on TV chipping into a washing machine.

Land the ball on the towel challenge


A student also sent this photo through after having a chipping lesson and was keen to work on what he had learned as soon as he got home.  He doesn’t have a backyard since he lives in a highrise apartment but there are no obstacles when it comes to improving your golf.

If you are having trouble hitting the ball a consistent distance then check your technique and then monitor the length and power of your chipping swing.  It will also help by starting with a shorter shot and then slowly moving the target further away.

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