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Practicing correctly will see an improvement in your scores on the course. There is a huge market in golf for training aids and there are people and businesses dedicated solely to inventing and marketing these products to golfers.  Some of these training aids cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and there are many golfers out there willing to fork over their hard earned cash in the hope that they will improve their golf. Here is one device that can help you with your practice.

The Alignment T
One of the first things I notice when I see golfers practicing on the range is where they are aiming.  Some use the alignment sticks that are in fashion at the moment but I consider these expensive for what they are.  2 fiberglass rods about 4 feet in length and retail for between $20 – $30.  Here is a simple alignment and ball position aid that I use and it’s very easy to make… The Alignment T.

Step 1 – Go to your local hardware store or plumbing supplies and purchase a 1 metre length of 1 inch diameter PVC pipe and the compatible T joint. (any diameter PVC pipe and compatible T joint will do)

1 metre PVC pipe and T Joint

Step 2 – Cut the length of PVC pipe into 2 x 30cm lengths and 1 x 40cm length

PVC Pipe Cut and ready to assemble

Step 3 – Insert the two 30cm pieces into the T Joint to form a straight line and then the 40cm piece into the perpendicular hole to make the T.

Alignment and Ball Position Practice Aid

You can use the Alignment T for your feet and body alignment by aligning the longer section of pipe parallel to the target.  You can also check your ball position by placing the ball adjacent to the shorter section and placing your feet either side.  You will be able to accurately tell where in your stance your ball position is.

STEP 4 – To store in your bag simple pull the two top pieces out and leave the T joint on the upright section.  Place a rubber band around all pieces and put it in your golf bag.

Purchase the Alignment T for the special price of $799.00 which includes FREE shipping or head to your hardware store and purchase all you need to make your own for about $4.

Kindest Regards

David Williams
AAA Rated – PGA Teaching Professional
Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links
Upper Beaconsfield, Melbourne, Australia

David is also a Master Instructor with the Medicus Golf Institute

Director of Golf & Coaching @ Rossdale Golf Club
Director of Golf & Coaching
Rossdale Golf Club
Aspendale, VIC. Australia

P: (03) 9580 4763

PGA Australia - Full Member since 2005
Callaway Golf - Brand Ambassador
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