The Perfect Golf Swing

On practice fairways and golf ranges around the world, golfers are constantly seeking to learn the ‘perfect’ golf swing.  Many coaches who coach the one swing pattern to every student believe they have discovered the ‘perfect’ golf swing.  The reality is… the perfect golf swing is different for every golfer.  So what constitutes the PERFECT swing?

My definition of the perfect golf swing is:  An action that is, controllable and repeatable by the golfer and that allows them to produce the shot they require on a regular basis.

No matter what the swing looks like, a successful swing has a number of common characteristics.  This has been illustrated by the recent introduction of the Purestrike – 5 Simple Keys Learning System. The 5 Simple Keys to the Perfect Swing are:

  1. Steady Head
  2. Weight Forwards
  3. Flat Left Wrist
  4. Diagonal Sweet Spot Path
  5. Club Face Control

The following is a brief explanation of the 5 keys. The first three keys are based on good ball striking and the last two on controlling the ball flight.

  1. Steady Head – Testing has shown that the average PGA Tour player moves his head 1 inch on the backswing and less on the downswing.  As we rotate our shoulders in a circle during the golf swing, ball striking can be more consistent if that circle stays relatively centered and the head is the indicator of what that circle is doing.
  2. Weight Forwards – Ensuring momentum is driving forwards though impact is common human movement across all sports.  In golf it is essential to have the weight forwards at impact to generate a powerful and balanced swing through impact and into finish.
  3. Flat Left Wrist – Achieving a flat left wrist at impact is crucial for good compression and a solid impact on the golf ball. A ‘flip’ or bent left wrist at impact can lead to thin shots, high shots, lack of backspin and loss of distance.  This key is influenced by how well the golfer achieves Key 1 and 2.  If the weight is back for instance then the club head will have to move ahead to reach the ball which can be a cause of the bent left wrist.
  4. Diagonal Sweet Spot Path – We don’t swing the club straight back and straight through in a sense. We swing the club on a tilted arc around our body.  Starting with the club behind the ball, it will move back, up and in on the backswing and then should travel down, out and through on the downswing which accounts for the diagonal reference.  If doesn’t matter which plane you swing on as long as you deliver it to the ball properly.
  5. Club Face Control – Is simply the ability to control the clubface relative to the path the club head is being swing on to produce the desired direction and curvature of the ball.  Understanding the club head path versus club face relationship and the ball flight laws and finally applying those principles to your swing will help all golfers achieve their desired ball flight.

As we improve each key on the list in order we find the keys below them on the list become easier to achieve.  For instance: Without having a steady head and weight forwards, achieving a flat left wrist at impact becomes very difficult.

If we look at the motion tracking of a couple of golfers here we can see they all swing differently, BUT, all achieve the 5 keys.

What sets this system of learning a part from most others is that it is not based on a swing pattern or ideology. It is applicable to any swing pattern or model and The 5 Simple Keys are not only definable but measureable using the latest in technology in 3D Doppler Radar – Flightscope, 3D Motion Analysis – AMM, and 3D force and pressure Measurement – Swing Catalyst.  All of the research they did involved these technologies and more to research and define there system.

A surprising number of golfers I talk to about their swings regularly make mention of how their take away is destroying their swing, or how they are in the incorrect position at the top to be able to hit the ball correctly.  Golfers can be so obsessed with things they THINK are affecting their golf that they approach each shot with a negative attitude.

Understanding what is required and then setting about improving the things that will actually make a difference to your shots, giving you greater consistency, ball control and will lead you to your ‘Perfect Swing’.

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Now is the perfect time in Melbourne to get to work on your swing to keep you motivated through the winter months and get you ready for next summer.

The Indoor Coaching and Clubfitting Centre, at the Cardinia Beaconhills Golf Links, is heated and contains the latest technology when it comes to helping a student with their golf.  We also have a large putting and chipping green, short game area and full length practice fairway with 400 square metres of grass hitting area.


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