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385 Centre Dandenong Road
(opposite Moorabbin Airport)


Simplifying the complexities of the golf swing to assist in making the game of golf easier to learn is Davids goal in coaching.

David achieves results by:

    • Assisting students in simplifying their technique to give greater consistency.
    • Assisting students in understanding the different aspects of their game to identify weaknesses which are then reviewed, developed and practiced.
    • Assisting students in learning more about mental strategies to play more consistent golf and achieve greater success.


David’s knowledge of the golf swing, communication skills, passion and dedication to his coaching and his students, is the reason why a growing number of students are improving their golf and reaching their goals.

Here are what some students had to say:

Its amazing, no one has ever explained the golf swing to me the way you have, and I now truly understand and more importantly, believe in your explanation of it.


I have not played golf for 3 weeks. As explained to you before, I was at my wits end, but now feel confident enough to go back out there again. I have booked a game to play tomorrow week, but probably wanted to come and see u first.
Cheers Dom


Just to let you know that today, I shot 85 off my 19 handicap for a Nett 66.  I think in my last 20 rounds I have played with handicap as high as 23 in October 2010.  My new driver is going really well and the lessons I’ve had with you  recently are definitely paying off.  My handicap will probably be 18 after today.
Heather Hamilton


Since David Williams became my golf coach I have dropped my handicap from 22 to 15 and can easily see myself losing many shots as our relationship continues.


David offers more than just a series of lessons. David will be your coach, mentor and golf psychiatrist.  He seems to take almost as much pleasure in seeing his students progress as the students themselves do.  I frequently finish a lesson feeling 10 feet tall and can’t wait to take my latest improvements to the course.
Bruce Hardie


When I first came to see you I was playing off 14 or so and now that I am applying your technique I am finally a single figure handicapper

and really enjoying the game.  Following the simple principles that I have learnt, I am sure I can only improve further with more practice, since now I know what to practice.

I believe in ‘Perfect Practice makes Good Practice.” Thanks David
Adam Haywood

I would like to thank you once again for your time and energy last night, it was greatly appreciated.
As discussed, I appreciate how much personal energy good teachers invest in their art, it goes way beyond the $’s. I believe your teaching style is very simlar to mine in that concepts are explored rather than techniques taught.  I will contact you shortly to arrange further lessons.
Jeremy Desilva.


Great lesson last Saturday Dave.  The boys hit up 18 holes afterwards & am very happy with my 45 on the Lakes but wilted on the back 9.

Driving better than ever – thanks mate .
Peter Allen


I am dedicated to assisting golfers off all ages and abilities to “Live to Play Better Golf” My goal is to ensure students learn life long skills to improve their golf and not just receiving tips of the day.  So, if you have a goal of improving your golf game, I guarantee that I can help!


Please feel free to EMAIL ME any questions you may have and I look forward to assisting you with your game.



  • Help the student understand concepts, not simply a set of instructions to try and accomplish. 
  • Every student is unique in their swing and learning style, so don’t teach them all the same thing the same way. 
  • There is no right or wrong way, there are different ways… The student needs to learn THEIR way. 
  • The game of golf isn’t played with just a 5 iron on the practice fairway so teach the golfer to lower their scores not to improve their swing 

So if you’d like to LEARN how to play better golf and lower your scores then book in for a lesson today.



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