Standard Lesson – 30 Minutes – $55
Initial Lesson – 60 Minutes – $95
Playing Lesson – 2 Hours – $199
6 Lesson Package – 6 x 30 minutes – $275
Short Game Lesson – 3 Hours – $300

Initial Lesson (60 minutes)
It is recommended that all new students take an initial lesson.

During the initial lesson, students will learn HOW golf works and WHY we must do certain things in the swing for us to succeed at golf.  After learning WHY, the student will then learn to apply these principles to their own swing. The initial includes video swing analysis and access to a game improvement plan.

Cost of Initial Lesson:$95

Standard Lesson (30 minutes)
To implement improvements in the technique.  Includes Video Swing Analysis (if required).

Cost of Standard Lesson: $55


Short Game Lesson (3 hours)
A comprehensive lesson on all aspects of the short game.

  • Learn the secrets to hitting straighter and more consistent putts.
  • Understand the chipping technique and how to apply different variations to play different shots around the green.
  • Learn what the best shot is for different scenarios around the green.
  • Learn how your sand iron is designed, to assist you in getting your ball out of the bunker everytime.
  • Receive a full detailed review of your lesson.
  • Up to a maximum of 4 people for this lesson.

If your short game is costing you shots each time you play then this lesson is for you.

Cost of Short Game Lesson: $300

Playing Lesson (2 hours)

Learn the secrets to course management and mental strategies.

  • Learn how to work your way around the golf course to lower your overall scores.
  • Learn mental strategies to deal with the pressures of the game.
  • Designed for current students to learn to reduce their overall scores on the course.

Cost of Playing Lesson: $199

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